AcqCenter provides the highest-level of customer support, enabling our customers to better adhere to the acquisition process and meet award schedule deadlines.

SourceCenterSM... Dedicated Off-Site Source Selection Facility

Looking for an off-site location to host your source selection team? SourceCenterSM is the answer. At SourceCenterSM your evaluation team has immediate access to a complex designed specifically to accommodate source selection teams. Practical amenities include fully loaded workstations, secure network, computerized collaboration space and individual work areas. One call and SourceCenterSM is ready to take care of every detail... and for less than you might expect.

Acquisition Consulting

AcqCenter offers a full array of acquisition consulting services to customers who have more extensive and unique support needs that cannot be satisfied through training alone. Our customer-centric consulting is focused on planning, developing and executing the government's competitive acquisition process. AcqCenter offers unparalleled service and support specifically customized to the unique acquisition needs of each individual customer. Our expert consultants first take time to understand the customer's unique issues and operating environment - then they "roll up their sleeves" and participate as full partners in achieving mission success.

Headquartered in the Washington D.C. area, AcqCenter's consulting personnel are perfectly positioned to stay abreast of the latest changes in government acquisition law, policy, future trends and best practices. With the AcqCenter consulting team, you can rest assured you are receiving a focused, high-impact effort that combines knowledge, enthusiasm, experience and total dedication to providing world-class service to our customers.

AcqCenter offers a dynamic, new approach to consulting that will dramatically improve the quality and speed of your competitive acquisition process, including our Igniter Seminar Series and Process Consulting Services.

Igniter Seminar Series
AcqCenter offers four two-day, high impact tutorials that will "ignite" your source selection team! Source selection teams face a multitude of challenges along the path of selecting the best value contractor. From designing smart acquisition plans to building effective evaluation criteria to conducting comprehensive, high-integrity proposal evaluations, source selection teams must navigate selection process with savvy, skill and efficiency. To help teams meet these complex requirements, AcqCenter now offers a unique new concept in source selection support - Igniter Seminars. These hands-on seminars are designed to assist source selection teams produce key acquisition documents and prepare for the task of proposal evaluation.

Igniter Seminars will help the source selection team to:

  1. Reach consensus on the optimum acquisition strategy;
  2. Develop the outline and contents for the Acquisition Plan;
  3. Determine, develop and write the RFP's evaluation criteria and  
  4. Draft the proposal submission instructions and efficiently link them to the evaluation criteria Prepare for the actual proposal evaluation phase by conducting a mock evaluation using the government team's source selection plan and rating approach

These seminars are highly-customized, two-day sessions designed specifically around your approach to source selection planning and execution. They are conducted at your site by nationally recognized acquisition consultants who integrate the best techniques available in the areas of acquisition training, consulting, and decision facilitation. Igniter Seminars have achieved dramatic results in helping customers improve the quality and speed of their competitive acquisition process.

Process Consulting Services

In addition to our Igniter Seminar Series, AcqCenter provide a host of other acquisition and business consulting services including:

  1. Red team and independent quality reviews of solicitations, proposals, and source selection documentation
  2. Technology implementation and the acquisition process Source selection support
  3. Protest support
  4. Business strategy and development
  5. Process improvement and reengineering
  6. In-house training development
  7. Interactive computer based learning
  8. Acquisition templates including Acquisition Plans, Source Selection Plans, Source Selection Evaluation Guides, Award Fee Plans and Incentive Plans

Our consulting experts have the right balance of business and technology savvy to actively consult with customers on their unique business processes and requirements. We provide comprehensive, performance-driven solutions and work with you to identify alternate ways in which to approach your business and improve the capabilities of your people.

Acquisition Training

AcqCenter will provide your organization with highly-focused training on acquiring and managing goods and services in the best value environment. Our time-effective, cutting-edge acquisition seminars include Buying Smart: The Best Value Competitive Process, Selling Smart: The Best Value Competitive Process and Acquisition Leadership: Critical Skills for the COTR.

The courses are designed to provide skills-based, value-added training that can be immediately utilized on-the-job. Taught at your facility and by nationally recognized senior instructors, the programs are guaranteed to provide an unparalleled training experience.  

With the AcqCenter team you can rest assured you are receiving a focused, high-impact effort that combines knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and total dedication to providing world-class service to our clients.

Buying Smart: The Best Value Competitive Process

In today's fast-paced, rapidly changing marketplace, the need for smart buying has never been greater. Finding "best value" in this dynamic marketplace requires looking beyond the lowest price. Selection criteria such as technical quality, managerial competence, innovation and past performance must also be carefully considered in making smart contract award decisions.

Too often, buying personnel are unsure or unaware of the principles involved in buying best value - the key steps that should be followed in discovering the best value offeror while maintaining fairness and consistency with all competitors. This program is intended to help attendees learn, practice and master those key steps.

Buying Smart: The Best Value Competitive Process is a practical, skills-based program, designed to teach the principles of the best value competitive process plus provide an enjoyable, pressure-free environment to practice and discuss your new-found skills. Recognizing that organizational training needs vary depending on depth of experience, Buying Smart: The Best Value Competitive Process has been divided into four sessions including:

  • Executive Overview: A top level overview of the best value competitive process intended for participants at the managerial level with no previous best value experience.
    Length of course: one day.
  • Introductory Session: A more detailed discussion of the steps in the best value procurement process such as acquisition planning, evaluation criteria development, preparing proposal instructions, conducting evaluations, negotiating with offerors, integrating the evaluation results, debriefing unsuccessful offerors and principles of protest preventative maintenance.
    Length of course: 2 days.
  • Advanced Workshop: A participant-centered, hands-on workshop for attendees with some level of experience or familiarity with the best value procurement process. Participants follow a single case study through each step in the best value procurement process putting their newly learned skills to practice conducting market research and acquisition planning, writing evaluation criteria, preparing proposal preparation instructions, evaluating a fictitious proposal and documenting a trade-off analysis and selection for award.
    Length of workshop: four days.
  • Oral Proposals Workshop: A focused, hands-on workshop concentrating on the use of oral proposals in best value procurement. Participants investigate various ways that oral proposals can be used to streamline and add value to a source selection. Attendees become thoroughly familiar with the process of planning, conducting and evaluating oral proposals.
    Length of course: two days.

Each session can stand alone or be combined with any other session to create a training package designed to meet your organization's unique needs. For a sample agenda from one of these sessions click here.

Whether you are new to the competitive process or just looking for better ways of doing business, this program will be a definite value-added addition to your buying office tool kit – it is a program for anyone who believes that buying smart, not just buying low is critical to organizational success.

Selling Smart: The Proposal Preparation Process
In this day of shrinking government budgets, the challenge of pursuing and winning government contracts has never been greater. The proposal preparation process has always been extremely critical; however the quality of proposals have become increasingly important as more and more government contracts awards are based on a best value competitive basis. You cannot win a competition by simply submitting the lowest price. Your proposal must effectively promote your service or product to the government as the best value and lowest risk. This involves an intimate knowledge of the customer, shrewd strategic planning, excellent team management and leadership skills, thorough analysis of the requirement and superior writing and oral presentation skills.

The proposal submission process does not have to be like a game of darts played with a blind fold on. We can show you a proven methodology for writing proposals that will greatly increase your likelihood of success. This course is intended to help participants learn, practice and master that methodology.

Selling Smart: The Proposal Preparation Process is a practical, skills-based course. It is designed to teach the principles of the proposal preparation process plus provide an enjoyable, pressure-free environment to practice and discuss your new-found skills. During this intensive two-day course you will learn how to:

  • Gather "acquisition intelligence" on your customers.
  • Understand the best value source selection process.
  • Analyze your strategic plan and make smart bid/no bid decisions.
  • Organize and manage a superior proposal team.
  • Dissect the solicitation and develop a compliance matrix.
  • Develop a win strategy taking into account price and technical considerations.
  • Effectively package the proposal.
  • Optimize proposal content through techniques such as storyboarding.
  • Write proposal text while utilizing graphics and illustrations.
  • Deliver persuasive oral presentations.

Whether you are new to the government marketplace or just looking for better ways of doing business, this course will be a definite value-added addition to your proposal management tool kit. Selling Smart: The Proposal Preparation Process is a course for anyone who wants to get out of the frustrating cycle of shoot and miss.   

Acquisition Leadership: Critical Skills for the COTR
The Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) is a critical player in the world of government contracting. The primary role of the COTR is to provide technical clarification and guidance to government contractors and monitor contract performance thus ensuring that the government gets the products and services it pays for on time. The COTR must possess sufficient expertise to act as the focal point for the government for all performance issues which may arise under the contract. However, far too often the duties of COTR are delegated to personnel who are not fully aware of their responsibilities and the magnitude of their new role.

Acquisition Leadership: Critical Skills for the COTR is intended to help attendees learn, practice and master the critical skills necessary to be an effective COTR. This three-day course offers practical, skills-based training in an enjoyable, pressure-free environment. Not only does this course provide a complete, solid foundation of knowledge for the new COTR, it will further educate experienced COTRs who trying to keep up with the ever-changing world of government contracting.  As a result of this three-day course you will be able to:

  • Learn the key players in the acquisition process and their roles
  • Grasp the fundamentals of government contracting including elements of a contract, types of authority and the Anti-Deficiency Act
  • Understand the importance of establishing vision, communicating with industry and acquisition planning
  • Comprehend the impact of contract types and understand cost and profit objectives
  • Recognize various government acquisition methods including sole source exemptions
  • Recite the do's and dont's of contract change and technical direction
  • Value the COTR's role in the negotiation process
  • Analyze change proposals and perform technical evaluations
  • Apply performance-based contracting techniques to real-life situations
  • Perform a trade-off analysis in a best value procurement
  • Implement certain contractual remedies when contractor performance is poor

Since the COTR is on the front line protecting the government's interests, it is absolutely essential that they get the right training. Schedule a course now! For a sample agenda from this session click here.

Acquisition Training Course Pricelist

Course Title (click to view description)Per Student Cost Best Value Source Selection$495 Performance Based Services Acquisition$695 Criteria Development Workshop$850 Critical Skills for the Successful COTR/COR$895 Selling Smart: The Proposal Preparation Process$895
  • Minimum ten (10) students per course delivery.
  • Taught on-site at customer’s location within the Metropolitan DC area.
  • Locations outside of Metro DC will require travel expenses.
  • All courses include comprehensive student workbook.